Black Oak Swim Club

Members are invited to attend the monthly Board meetings. If you would like the time/date/location of the next meeting please contact Michael Gorman at Meeting minutes are available upon request from Board Secretary, Kristin Whitt:

Upcoming Board Positions Available 

Board Members

Michael Gorman- President  305-1165
 Beth Korchinski- Personnel 901-8486
Kendall Koehler – Publicity 609-0703
Matt Siler – Facilities 416-6288
Kristin de Fasselle- Social 470-7771
Jill Irlbeck – Swim and Dive 439-0015
Mindy Heyne – Treasurer   609-3020
Cindy Harris – Membership 603-6138
Kristin Whitt – Secretary 286-7880

Other Important Volunteers

Ann Pulaski – Fundraising 648-7394
Greg Moburg –Concessions  239-5934
Nancy Aubel – Lost and Found 428-5926
Ben and Michelle Cornwell – Recylcing Volunteer